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Shady Brady

Shady Brady hats are genuine distinctive headwear made in USA. They are the highest quality and each hat is shaped by hand. They include hatbands made of leather, feathers and other natural fibers.

For over 34 years, owner John Brady has guaranteed the quality of his hats. Some of the most famous hats are “The Julia” which is the hat that Julia Roberts wore in Runaway Bride and the hat that Jon Bon Jovi wears is one of our most popular hats.

Our hats are crushable raffia straw, raffia straw westerns, hand shaped felts and toyo straw westerns. Hats are natural, chocolate, aged and come vented and non-vented.

Minimum order: $500.00
Sizes: X Small, Small, Medium, Large, X Large
Reorders: $150.00
Shipping: Hats shipped from CA
Terms: Net 30 or by credit card
Website: www.shadybrady.com

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