Fax: (480) 488-2817
Cell: (602) 999-0746

You've Got Questions...

How do I order from you?
First time customers may order over the phone, or may use the order form or may make an appointment for me to visit your store. Please see the ‘events” page for trade shows that I attend.

What is your minimum order?
Most lines have a $250.00 opening order amount with a $100.00 -$150.00 re-order limit. Shady Brady Hats has a $500.00 opening order amount. Most items have a 2 piece minimum per style.

What is the shipping time?
Orders are shipped from the manufacturers between 1-3 weeks depending on availability. A 2 week turn around is average.

How do I find out who else sells the product in my area?
I will check my database and find the closest open account and a decision is made…usually based on mileage between stores.

What if I do not have a storefront?
All lines represented are sold to retail stores only. Sorry, no craft fairs, home parties. Strictly "Brick and Mortar."

How do I re-order?
You may fax me, call me, use the order form or send me an e-mail. I prefer that orders come to me versus the companies directly so I may track all orders.

How do I find out what is new?
Please check the “what’s new” section on our site.